Mind the sex

Women from the Seymour Poets worked with poet and stand-up comedian Jackie Hagan, illustrator Emma Brown Owl and researcher Kathryn Abel, to explore sex, mental health and wellbeing and express their insights in a set of digital and printed postcards. Karen Shannon from Lets Go Global tells us about the process.

Emma Brown Owl, a new emerging Manchester illustrator, was involved in the project from the beginning. She met with Jackie and some of the women at the Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre and Jackie subsequently sent transcripts of what the women were discussing on a weekly basis so that Emma could respond through her drawings.

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Sex by numbers

When it comes to our sex lives we all like to keep a few secrets, making the jobs of sexologists pretty difficult, but in 1990, Natsal began lifting the lid on the sex lives of over 45,000 people. Professor David Spiegelhalter has explored their data and more in his book that accompanies our Sexology Season.

Inspired by all of this, Nice and Serious offer us a glimpse through windows into the world of sex to explore Natsal’s fascinating statistics. Tom Tapper explains how the creative agency approached turning decades’ worth of sex stats into an engaging infographic.

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Welcome back, Medicine Man!

It’s been a while since visitors were last able to wander around Medicine Man, one of our two permanent galleries. Now that it’s back open, help us welcome Medicine Man back!

Our development project is now coming to an end and a number of months, some new spaces and a new staircase later, the extraordinary objects from Henry Wellcome’s collection (ranging from diagnostic dolls to Japanese sex aids to Napoleon’s toothbrush) are back on display.

To celebrate, we would love to give the Medicine Man gallery a warm welcome by sharing your photographs, past and present. Do you have a favourite object? Or one you’re really curious about? How about a particularly fond memory of visiting?

Share your photos (old and new) with us on Twitter and Instagram using #WelcomeBackMedMan and add to an online gallery celebrating the return of this wonderful collection.

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Tammy Wants You!

In April – May 2015 Lois Weaver will put on a series of performances at Wellcome Collection in response to the Institute of Sexology. Ahead of these performances, she’s looking to assemble a team of hostesses along the lines of her persona, Tammy WhyNot. Could you be one of them?

A series of performance interventions hosted by the sensational Tammy WhyNot will take place as part of Wellcome Collection’s Institute of Sexology over the next few months. Tammy is the creation of performance artist, writer, director, scholar, activist, Lois Weaver. Tammy claims to be a trailer park survivor who gave up Nashville to become a lesbian performance artist and a university researcher. Now, she needs your help!

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#Shelfies and Sexology

The Wellcome Trust offers recent graduates the opportunity to help shape the future of science-related research, education and arts in their Graduate Development Programme. One of our grads, Emily Pritchard, is coming to the end of her six month rotation at Wellcome Collection and tells us about the variety of projects she’s been involved in.

If someone asked you what stood out most in the first week of your new job in a new city and as a new graduate, a single phone call to IT probably wouldn’t make the cut. Then again, not everyone has to call IT and request them to remove the words “sex”, “pornography” and “penis” from your blocked search terms. This would be only one of the many phone calls IT would receive from me, but it is certainly one that stands out.

This incident marked the beginning of a whirlwind introduction to daily life at Wellcome Collection. Over the past five months I’ve worked across two departments on youth projects, the Wellcome Book Prize, Twitter accounts, websites, books and six exhibitions, including The Institute of Sexology and Forensics.

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