The Transvengers webcomic

The Transvengers webcomic was created by a group of young trans people aged 13-19 from Gendered Intelligence and is featured in the Institute of Sexology exhibition. Find out more about the project on our website.

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The Transvengers: Paradigm of Heteronormativity

A group of young trans people from Gendered Intelligence worked with an artist to produce The Transvengers: a web comic that will feature in the forthcoming Institute of Sexology exhibition at Wellcome Collection. In this series, Jason Barker, the artist in question, writes about his experience of working with the group. In this post, he describes the process of developing the theory which underlies the comic, and society, today. 

I missed the train to London one morning and so bought myself a large coffee. I was doodling on an envelope, thinking about the project and about “normality” in terms of gender and sexuality, how it’s constructed to keep us all on the straight and narrow and what happens to people who don’t fit the pattern.

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