The Institute of Sexology exhibition is on until September 2015, a candid exploration of the most publicly discussed of private acts. In this post, Taryn Cain leads us through a potted history of nymphomania: its rise and fall and the reasons for both.

Kinsey once said that a nymphomaniac is “someone who has more sex than you do”, and Kinsey was a man who knew what he was talking about. Having collected data on human sexuality for over a decade, he released a book called the Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female in 1953. Among other things, Kinsey claimed that female masturbation was normal, that vaginal orgasms were not the norm and that women were as capable as sexual desire as a man; all claims which went against accepted medical lore at the time. Continue reading

The Transvengers webcomic

The Transvengers webcomic was created by a group of young trans people aged 13-19 from Gendered Intelligence and is featured in the Institute of Sexology exhibition. Find out more about the project on our website.

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