Standardized Patient

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  • Installation
The view from beneath an examination table. A pair of legs in white ankle socks belonging to a person sitting on the table are seen from behind. The spread legs and lower torso of a medic sitting in a chair are also shown, with hands holding a notebook and pen.
Production still from Kerry Tribe, Standardized Patient, 2017, Commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. © Image courtesy the artist and 1301PE, Los Angeles.

What is the role of empathy in healthcare?

‘Standardized Patient’ is a two-sided video installation by US artist Kerry Tribe which explores how simulated, or ‘standardized’, patients are used to train medical students.

Actors perform as patients with different medical and personal histories, preparing the students for the human connection that forms a critical part of any care relationship. The encounters range from a young woman seeking advice on sexual health – and a broken heart – to end of life care for a man estranged from his daughter. These are complex human experiences which cut much deeper than a simple diagnosis.

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