Supporting Ourselves While Supporting Our Communities

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Watch a recording of a conversation between climate activist Daze Aghaji and writer and podcaster Natasha Lipman as they reflect on their recent experiences of balancing personal wellbeing with supporting their communities.

Natasha shares her own experience of chronic illness with others, while Daze advocates for climate justice, but they have been reflecting on similar questions: where does self-care end and community care begin? And how do you find a balance between the two?

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The host and speakers will describe themselves and key visual elements they refer to, which may be useful for blind, partially sighted and neurodiverse attendees. There will not be a separate audio description track.

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Photographic, black and white, head and shoulders portrait of Natasha Lipman.

Natasha Lipman

Natasha Lipman is a chronic illness blogger and part-time journalist from London. On her blog, you can find her interviewing people who are doing amazing things in the disability space, exploring inclusive fashion and working with experts to create practical advice about living with chronic illness. You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter

Daze Aghaji

Daze Aghaji

Daze Aghaji is a 20-year-old climate justice activist and student. She studies history and politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2019 she ran for election in the EU Parliamentary elections (being the youngest candidate to do so) and she has strong ties with Extinction Rebellion. The main areas of Daze’s activism are regenerative cultures, intersectionality, environment, youth political engagement and social-change funding. Daze has recently become a trustee at Blagrave Trust.