We’re a few weeks into RawMinds: Creative Merchandise, our current RawMinds project for young people aged 14-19 to creatively engage with Wellcome Collection. Young people are working together with professionals from design and retail to create a range of new products for our shop. We introduced the project in a previous post and now Product Design course leader Wyn tells about recently hosting the young people at Middlesex University.

We were privileged to work with the RawMinds group from Wellcome Collection. A talented bunch of twelve young people had been working on product ideas for Wellcome Collection’s shop. They’d come up with fantastic, clever, insightful and commercial proposals that really brought Wellcome Collection’s ideals and content to life.


My team at Middlesex University Product Design put together a squad of final year students, Graduate Academic Assistants and senior staff to create an intensive prototyping day for RawMinds: one day, four teams, eight product proposals! The aim was to have meaningful physical prototypes ready for pitching to shop staff at Wellcome Collection by the end of the day.


It was a busy and fantastically productive day. Everyone threw themselves in with enthusiasm and energy and we achieved everything we aimed to. We were able to help RawMinds develop their visualisations and create well-resolved and detailed prototypes using the excellent Middlesex University workshop and studio facilities. Everything from cardboard and tape to laser-cutting, water-jet cutting and 3D Printing were utilised.


It was great to see a big group creatively collaborating so joyously and effectively. Well done to everyone and thank you to the RawMinds group, the Product Design staff and students, and Tiff and Catherine at Wellcome Collection.

Wyn Griffiths is the Middlesex University Product Design Course Leader.

2 thoughts on “Creative Merchandise: Prototyping

  1. When are you doing more RAW sessions ? my son is 15 and having a hard time at school, he is very shy and spends too much time in front of the computer.
    I just had a look at some of the activities that RAW do and think this could be great for him to get involved and meet new people. How does it work , when is your next meeting ?

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