Wellcome Collection’s Youth Programme aims to engage young people aged 14-19 through participatory projects that build knowledge, inspire creativity and promote confidence. Videographer Stephen Rudder, communications freelancer Josephine Finn and our Youth Programme team recently worked with a group of 17 teenagers to develop a new brand and trailer for our youth engagement projects. Here, Josephine talks about creating RawMinds.

The remit of the group was threefold: to identify a new name to replace Wellcome Collection’s “Young Creators” project; develop a creative identity; and produce a trailer to encourage 14-19 year olds from across London to join. I was enormously inspired by the group’s range of talents, their wealth of ideas and sense of community. The group felt utterly inclusive and effortlessly sociable. Every single member of the group contributed to this project.

The RawMinds group.

The RawMinds group.

Following an in-depth branding exercise and a heated brainstorming session, the group came up with the name “RawMinds”. Clare Carlin, Youth Programme Manager, tells how the group came up with the name:

“We looked at names other museums used for their youth panel and engagement work and then agreed some key principles for Wellcome Collection. The name had to cover a range of creative projects as well as saying something about the age and aspirations of the group. In the end it was decided that “Raw” signalled youth, freshness and potential and the “Minds” element referenced the thought and process that goes into any collaborative work. We worked from a long list of suggestions that we gradually whittled down – let’s see if it communicates well to future participants over the coming months.”

Getting shot against green screen.

Getting shot against green screen.

The main focus of the project involved working with videographer Stephen Rudder to make a RawMinds trailer to encourage new young people to join. Here’s Shabnam Raji’s, a RawMinds participant, thoughts on the project and the film-making process:

“The project was really well resourced, I had never seen a professional green screen or recording space before; it was exciting to use!”

RawMinds projects take place in Wellcome Collection’s state-of-the-art youth studio. Minna McNulty, another group member, was really impressed with facilities, saying “it’s great that we were trusted to use them!”

Stephen Rudder imparts his knowledge.

Stephen Rudder imparts his knowledge.

Using some of the skills developed through RawMinds, one of the group members, Jerom Thambipillai, even made his own behind the scenes film. Jerom says “we were able to explore Wellcome Collection, work with a professional film maker and use professional equipment in order to make a short film. Over a couple of weeks we had a lot of fun and were able to make a trailer we were proud of.”

RawMinds is free to join and is for young people aged 14-19 based in London. Hamid Anwar enjoyed being “part of a creative community” and strongly encourages others to try it for themselves.

The next RawMinds project will be announced in Summer 2015. Sign up to receive updates about RawMinds

RawMinds. What a group!

RawMinds. What a group!

Josephine is a communications freelancer at Wellcome Collection.

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