In April – May 2015 Lois Weaver will put on a series of performances at Wellcome Collection in response to the Institute of Sexology. Ahead of these performances, she’s looking to assemble a team of hostesses along the lines of her persona, Tammy WhyNot. Could you be one of them?

A series of performance interventions hosted by the sensational Tammy WhyNot will take place as part of Wellcome Collection’s Institute of Sexology over the next few months. Tammy is the creation of performance artist, writer, director, scholar, activist, Lois Weaver. Tammy claims to be a trailer park survivor who gave up Nashville to become a lesbian performance artist and a university researcher. Now, she needs your help!

One of Tammy’s greatest gifts is her art of hostessing.  She has the desire and the capacity to make people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  She loves to interact with others and something about her country accent and big blonde hair makes her easy to talk to. She is generous and open and loves to be surprised.  She can be naive and uninformed on everyone’s behalf when confronted with new or awkward situations.

Tammy sits with her creator, Lois Weaver.

Tammy will be in residence during certain hours in the gallery to help visitors engage more comfortably and honestly with the material. As Tammy will not be able to maintain a full-time presence herself, she is looking for a team of Tammys – otherwise known as the WhyNets – to play the role of hostess and guide when Tammy is unavailable.

Lois Weaver will be holding a series of workshops on the use of persona as a means of public engagement. During these workshops, Weaver intends to help participants develop their own ‘Tammy-based’ persona through simple performance and public engagement skills, sharing and encouraging participants to incorporate aspects of their own background and relationship to sex and sexuality.

If you would like to find out more, then join Tammy at Wellcome Collection on 12 and 19 March from 7pm to 9pm. The event is free but seats are limited. Please book a space online.

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