Module Units: Hannah Buller

Module Units is an installation of young artists’ work from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Central Foundation Boys’ School. This collaborative display of artwork was initially inspired by our recent Foreign Bodies, Common Ground exhibition and our permanent collections, and has been coordinated and curated by artist Verity-Jane Keefe. Hear from the artists who took part in the project as they discuss the project as a whole as well as the final installation of their work.

Hannah Buller, Central Saint Martins Progression group

My piece is about me locking myself away in my bedroom whilst dealing with depression. I would surround myself with comforting things like pillows and duvets, toys from my childhood and writing in my diary. I wanted to do a performance to help bring my piece to life. I wanted to do the performance myself and not someone else because it is a personal piece another person would not be able to replicate it in the same way.

Hannah during her performance piece.

Hannah during her performance piece.

Before doing my performance piece I was really nervous. I hadn’t done a performance piece before and had some concerns. Will people take notice of my performance? Will I step out of character? Amongst other thoughts. However, whilst doing the performance I just blocked everyone out. The more I got into the performance the more natural it felt.

Hannah writes in her diary during her performance piece.

Hannah writes in her diary during her performance piece.

I felt that 15 minutes should be enough for my performance, but I probably could have done the whole night. Doing the performance has really boosted my confidence and pushed me to put myself out there and take ownership of my art. I got great feedback from the other artists and viewers.

Read Hannah’s personal statement about her work and see an image that relates to the process of creating it here.

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