Embark on our curious journey

As part of our curious journey, the Medicine Man gallery is closed until summer 2014. As the gallery space has been reduced, Wellcome Collection has decided to put its collection on a bus and to go and meet people in Camden. Muriel Bailly is taking you on the Curiosity Roadshow.

What do Wellcome Collection and Camden Lock market have in common?

An alternative crowd? A pronounced taste for the strange and unusual? Good food?

Well, yes, among other things, and this special relationship between Wellcome Collection and one of London’s most iconic venues has now been made material with our very own Routemaster bus!

As part of Wellcome Collection’s redevelopment project, we have decided to put part of the museum on wheels – as you do – and to park it at Camden Lock market once a month until Christmas.

On Saturday 24 September, part of Wellcome Collection’s crew spent the day out in Camden for the second time and loved it. By the end of the day, more than a thousand visitors had climbed on our bus to share some good conversation with us.

Whether you are a Wellcome Collection enthusiast or you have never heard of it before, the bus and its contents are going to surprise you. On the bottom and top decks you will find printed images of objects from our Medicine Man gallery, currently closed, giving to the bus an aspect of a cabinet of curiosities from Renaissance Europe. These images are a good starting point to learn more about our collection and the man who put it all together, the one and only Henry Wellcome. If you are a regular visitor at Wellcome Collection, you can test your knowledge of the collection and see if you recognise them all. Chances are you will have missed one.

Curious journey

Curious journey

The top deck is the hands-on area. You can surf on the Camden vibe and leave us an ‘arty’ comment on our drawing cards, and get closer to our collections by looking at, touching and trying on some objects – yes, you read it right, try on! Visitors Services Assistants will be there to help you engage with some of the strangest and most mysterious objects from our object handling collection.

Curious journey

Curious journey

Curious journey

Curious journey

Being the free destination for the incurably curious, a ride on our routemaster is entirely free, so whether you are a bus enthusiast, a Wellcome Collection enthusiast or simply curious about why on earth there is a big double-decker bus parked in Camden market, climb inside and let us take you through our curious journey.

We will be back in Camden on 9 November and for two full weekends over the Christmas period, and we look forward to seeing you there. Shall we try to break our record of 1000 visitors?

To keep you waiting until then, our next temporary exhibition, Foreign Bodies, is opening on 14 November in a brand new gallery space. Make sure you come in and have a look.

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