Contemporary votive illustrations: Lost within one’s self

Our exhibition ‘Infinitas Gracias: Mexican miracle paintings‘ has just closed, but we have a few more contemporary votive illustrations to share with you, based on stories submitted by visitors to Wellcome Collection and to our website. Just as Mexican ex-voto paintings were made by painters to tell stories of thanks, these contemporary stories of gratitude involve an exchange between storyteller and illustrator.

Amy Goh: Lost within one's self

Amy Goh: Lost within one's self

Amy Goh’s latest illustration is for this story:

I am thankful for having people around me who pull me away from the black hole of loneliness. London is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world; however, it is so easy to be lost within one’s self. My friends and the people close to me have been able to show me the light and steer me away from my own near fatalities of depression. I give thanks for being able to see the light shown from the beauties my loved ones show me, and I give thanks to the one who once loved me.

Hina, London 2010. For Rav Lochab.

You can find out more about Amy Goh’s work and explore more votive illustrations on the Wellcome Collection website.

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