The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm

If you’re interested in the relationship between the brain and the body and between movement and spectatorship, the Eye of the Storm symposium might be your cup of tea (literally: as well as offering both discussion and performance, this event includes afternoon tea and cakes).

The symposium comes after two years of work by Catherine Long at UCL’s Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, supported by the Wellcome Trust. Investigating connections between the body, movement, neurology and spectatorship, Long has worked with experts in neuroscience, transsexual politics, opera and choreography, as well as with people affected by autism. The Eye of the Storm symposium explores the way we manifest relationships through the body, and how we produce the body in the throes of a relationship.

The event will feature conversations between Long and choreographer Simone Forti, psycholinguist Asifa Majid, existential psychotherapist Frank Bock, the editor of Dance Theatre Journal Martin Hargreaves and artist Doran George. There will also be performances from both Long and Forti.

The symposium and performances are on Saturday 9 April 2011, 13.00–19.00 at the Art Workers Guild in London’s Queen Square. Find out more about the event at and book tickets via Eventbrite.

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