The thing is, there are so many things…

“The thing is, there are so many things,” she explained. “At last, I thought, here’s a chance to unburden myself. I have so many things to choose from, I wanted to give something that is part of me, literally, to become part of the collection. I have ideas of grandeur, you see. I feel like I’ve left a little piece of myself, I know that sounds cheesy. It’s a relief to have one less thing to go home with. It’s a good thing to release something. Every time I manage to let something go I feel I’m less like my father. I don’t want to leave a pile of stuff behind for other people to deal with.”

One thought on “The thing is, there are so many things…

  1. I think I had very much the same response to the idea as you. I left a kind of double protrait of my parents. (See 26 May). Two objects that I had no use for, didn’t particularly either want or like and that had ended up feeling like a burden. But I couldn’t throw them out because that would have felt as though it constituted a betrayal of some kind. So this project was a bit of a godsent opportunity… the two things are now part of a collective memorial to stuff that (at least for a moment) people have separated out from the endless confusion of objects that surround them and chosen to assign significance to and focus on for some reason. Hooray! No, really, thanks for the provision of a vehicle for letting go with dignity.

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