From the gallery floor

Beatles Russian Doll Belonging to Jo Brand

‘Things’ opened at 10AM this morning, but already we’ve received a few interesting items from a variety of owners.

A small Patrick Heron gouache has been loaned to the exhibition by Janet Street-Porter. Porter knew the artist’s daughter as a student and was later given the painting by Heron.

One of the more unusual items – a Beatles-themed Russian doll – has been contributed by Jo Brand. The piece of memorabilia, starting with John Lennon on the outside, and going all the way down to a little Ringo, was given to the comedian as a present.

This was followed by Alan Yentob’s Maoist propaganda alarm clock, complete with the ticking arm of a man holding Mao’s Little Red Book, and Jon Snow’s cufflinks, worn by the Channel 4 Newsreader on every show  since 1989. Snow is rather superstitious and wonders how he will get through the next two weeks without them.

The latest items to arrive range from a much loved teapot to a Guatemalan rattle, many having sentimental value. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to more objects arriving, either loaned or gifted, along with the curious stories that accompany them.

2 thoughts on “From the gallery floor

  1. Do the things one brings need to have something to do with your existing collection (medicine, art, science, etc.), or just at random?

    And what will you do with stuff gifted that has nothing to with your theme?

  2. Hi Adrian.

    Your Thing doesn’t need to have a medical theme; it just has to be interesting and important to you. Your Thing will be either accepted or rejected at the accession desk; what’s accepted will be displayed.


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