A fond farewell

Kirsten Warren

Kirsten demonstrates the correct handling technique for fragile objects

Wellcome Collection loses a very valuable member of staff today, one who has been here since the very beginning, and who has shaped the Wellcome Collection experience for the thousands who pass through our doors. Visitor Services Assistants Valerie Brown and Jess Croll-Knight pay tribute…

Most visitors to Wellcome Collection will come across members of the 21-strong Visitor Services team, who try to cater for their every requirement. What they may not see is who is behind this (usually) seamless service.

There is an oasis of calm, a powerhouse of production and an omniscient organiser, all, amazingly, rolled into a single entity.

Her name is Kirsten Warren.

Kirsten was here before Wellcome Collection opened its doors and visitors took their first faltering steps into the unknown. It was her vision that formed the ethos behind the visiting experience, something which over 1 million people have subsequently enjoyed.

Visitor Services is a lively and challenging place to work, all thanks to Kirsten’s unrelenting support, dedication and high standards, and it is with much sadness that we say goodbye to her.

Kirsten has accepted a new challenge, replacing the urban environment of NW1 with pastures new: sweeping countryside, a deer park, and a suitably regal environment. As  Visitor Experience Manager at the National Trust’s Dunham Massey she will not only bring her talents to people, but also to wildlife, flora and fauna.

Their gain is our loss and we wish her every success and happiness in her new venture.

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